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Item 683ws8
Brand Quantum Scientific Imaging (QSI)
CCD Manufacturer & Model  Kodak KAF-8300
CCD Architecture Full Frame
     Microlens Yes
     Anti-blooming Yes (1000x)
Imager Size: (WxH) 17.96mm x 13.52mm
Pixel Array (WxH): 3348×2574 total pixels, 3326×2504 active (visible)
Pixel Size: 5.4µm x 5.4µm
Pixel Full Well Depth 25,500 electrons
Absolute Quantum Efficiency Peak: 57%
  400nm: 38%
Pixel Dark Current <0.02 electron per second at -10°C
Dark Current Doubling 5.8° C
Intrinsic Read Noise 8 electrons RMS
Dynamic Range 70 db
Charge Transfer Efficiency >0.999995
CCD Image Sensor KAF-8300
Electronic Shutter Mechanical, exposure range: 0.03 seconds to 240 minutes
Mechanical Shutter Yes
Internal Color Filter Wheel 8 Position CFW - Holds 1.25'' or opt. 31mm filters
Camera Body Configuration Full Enclosure
Dimensions W5.86'' x H5.56'' x D2.50'' (add 0.225'' for T-Mount)
Weight, without Nosepiece 51 oz.  /  1450g
Optical Back Focus 1.40'' w/ T-mount adapter
(w/o Filters in path) 1.18'' w/ C-mount adapter
  1.18'' w/ no adapter
Thermoelectric CCD Cooling Temperature regulation +/- 0.1°C, @ 0°C  to -40°C CCD temperature
In free air, Fans @ Full Speed Typically 45°C below ambient air temperature with 85% cooling power
With Opt Liquid Cooling – Fans Off Typically 52°C below circulating liquid with 85% cooling power
  (adds 0.75'' to camera depth)
Cooling Fan Control Intelligent, user configurable
Read Rate User Selectable High Quality mode at 800KHz, High Speed mode at 8MHz
Camera Gain User Selectable High Gain 0.5 e-/ADU (default), Low Gain 1.1 e-/ADU
Digital Resolution 16 bits (both High Quality and High Speed mode)
Total System Read Noise Typically <8 electrons RMS (CCD specification limited) in High Quality mode
  Typically <16 electrons RMS (CCD specification limited) in High Speed mode
Pixel Dark Current <0.1 electron per second at 0°C
Full Image Read and Download Time Typically <12 second (host computer dependent) in High Quality Mode (800KHz)
  Typically ~1 second (host computer dependent) in High Speed Mode (8MHz)
  Image download times will be reduced with binning and/or subframe (ROI)
Binning Modes Symmetrical and Asymmetrical binning up to 9 pixels horizonally or vertically
Status and Notification User configurable multi-color LED status indicator and multifunction
  audible beeper. Over-temperature and high/low voltage alarms.
Power Consumption 12v, 2A (24 watts) at max cooling, max fans and filter moving
  (25 AC watts max with included 90-240V AC power supply)
Operating Environment Temperature: -20°C to 30°C, Humidity: 10% to 90% non-condensing
Computer Connectivity USB 2.0 High Speed (USB 1.1 compatible)
Other Ports Optically isolated 4 channel control port for telescope guiding
  or input/output shutter trigger (See API Reference Manual for details)
T Mounting Adapter Standard – T-Thread, 42mm x .75mm pitch
C Mounting Adapter (1'' x 32TPI)(Not recommeded for 540i) Optional, for non-lens adapters and accessories (standard C-Mount lens does not reach focus at infinity)
Nosepiece Standard, T-Adapter to 2'' nosepiece
  Optional, T-Adapter  to 1.25'' nosepiece

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QSI 683ws8

  • Brand: QSI
  • Product Code: 683ws8
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